Size: 12oz

Region: Oromia, Ethiopia

Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom

Process: Natural

Flavor Notes: Mango, Floral, Berry, Grapefruit

Goraa Shaakkiso - Ethiopia

  • Our Ethiopian coffees are routinely the fan favorites year after year. Boasting big fruity and floral flavors, Ethiopia produces some of world's most delicious and unique coffee every year.  Shakiso is the district housing the Guji zone and Oromia region of Ethiopia.  This is your classic Natural processed Ethiopian fruit bomb.  Natural process is the name for leaving the cherries whole throughout the drying process and pulping the seed after drying has completed. Drying the coffee within the fruit imparts flavor and mouthfeel from the sugars and tannins of the fruit.  Shakiso makes a fantastic pourover for the lover of fruity coffee.