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Apex Coffee Roasters is a craft specialty coffee roastery established in 2014 in Waco, Texas.  Each of us at Apex remember a cup of coffee in the past which redefined our perspective of what coffee could be.  We started this company with hopes of recreating that experience for as many people as possible.  A coffee's quality and uniqueness starts and ends well before it reaches our facility.  It is the diligent craftsmanship and artistry of producers all over the world who make great coffee a reality.  Roasting the coffee is a necessity to unlock all the aromas and flavors we enjoy in our cups.  Exactly how a coffee is roasted is the greatest influence on how it will ultimately taste.  Our goal is simply to reveal the coffee's natural flavors and showcase all the producer's hard work.

Our Machine

We roast on a Diedrich IR-12.  We purchased this machine new in 2014.  It features Diedrich's patented infrared burner 

technology, stainless cooling bin, and custom color powder coating.

Sample Roaster

Each coffee we purchase starts here.  We roast and cup a small sample of each green coffee before we commit to buying.  This ensures every coffee we roasts meets our quality standard.  This machine was purchased at SCAA Expo in 2013 from US Roaster Corp.  It features flame and airflow control similar to larger production machines.  This double barrel set up was a one of a kind at the time.

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