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Region: Huila, Colombia 

Process: Natural

Varietals: Colombia/Castillo/Caturra

MASL: 1500-1650

Flavor Notes: Blackberry Jam, Red Grape, Juicy, Vibrant

Colombia - Finca El Corozal

  • THIS farm (Finca El Corozal): is owned by 7 brothers - 4th generation producers, so they are no strangers to coffee....SO much so, one of the brothers - Euclides Carvajal -  (who actually lives on the farm and oversees picking, processing and drying) decided to explore/experiment with natural processed coffees, as to get a higher price (not super common in Colombia, but absolutely BRILLIANT). Well, he did it. This coffee is a vibrant, face-melting, FRUIT BOMB, that will only continue to fascinate you as it cools. 

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